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Combine GetFile and ExecuteProcess


Hi Everyone, can we combine the nifi processors in this sense

GetFile-->ExecuteProcess or GetFile --> ExecuteStreamCommand

if yes how can we do it? 


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Not really sure what you mean by "combine".  Can you elaborate on your use case?

You can drag a connection from GetFile to either ExecuteProcess or ExecuteStreamCommand, but is suspect that is not what you are asking here.

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Hi @MattWho  by combine i meant drag a connection from GetFile to ExecuteProcess or ExecuteStreamCommand i have a flowfile which is composed of GetFile processor which collects the data and passes it to MergeContent processor to get a single file of several lines. i want to filter its lines and then classify them . and i was thinking of using ExecuteProcess or ExecuteStreamCommand. you can also give me a suggestion.

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The ExecuteProcess [1] processor by design does not allow an inbound connection. It is designed to create an output FlowFile and does not except a FlowFile as input.

You can connect getFile to the ExecuteStreamCommand [2] processor