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Configure Hive Metastore Using Ambari API

Hi Friends,

I need configure the Hive Metastore using Ambari API.

Can someone help me please?


Super Guru
@Esteban Huerta

Can you please elaborate more? Do you want add new Hive metastore instance using Ambari API? or do you want to modify configuration for existing Hive Metastore instance.

If you want add add service using Ambari API, please refer below documentation:

If you want to do config changes then you can use below script

/var/lib/ambari-server/resources/scripts/ [ On Ambari server host ]

Here is the usage:

[root@danielrepro ~]# /var/lib/ambari-server/resources/scripts/ --help
Usage: [options]
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t PORT, --port=PORT  Optional port number for Ambari server. Default is
                        '8080'. Provide empty string to not use port.
  -s PROTOCOL, --protocol=PROTOCOL
                        Optional support of SSL. Default protocol is 'http'
  -a ACTION, --action=ACTION
                        Script action: <get>, <set>, <delete>
  -l HOST, --host=HOST  Server external host name
  -n CLUSTER, --cluster=CLUSTER
                        Name given to cluster. Ex: 'c1'
  -c CONFIG_TYPE, --config-type=CONFIG_TYPE
                        One of the various configuration types in Ambari. Ex:
                        core-site, hdfs-site, mapred-queue-acls, etc.
  To specify credentials please use "-e" OR "-u" and "-p'":
    -u USER, --user=USER
                        Optional user ID to use for authentication. Default is
    -p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
                        Optional password to use for authentication. Default
                        is 'admin'
    -e CREDENTIALS_FILE, --credentials-file=CREDENTIALS_FILE
                        Optional file with user credentials separated by new
  To specify property(s) please use "-f" OR "-k" and "-v'":
    -f FILE, --file=FILE
                        File where entire configurations are saved to, or read
                        from. Supported extensions (.xml, .json>)
    -k KEY, --key=KEY   Key that has to be set or deleted. Not necessary for
                        'get' action.
    -v VALUE, --value=VALUE
                        Optional value to be set. Not necessary for 'get' or
                        'delete' actions.

Hope this helps!



@Kuldeep KulkarniI need modify configuration for existing Hive Metastore.

This parameters:


"javax.jdo.option.ConnectionPassword" :

"javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL" :