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Configure Kafka port per hostname in Cloudera

New Contributor


We need advise about advanced Kafka configuration in Cloudera


We are using cloudera env installed on 6 servers per following distribution:



Application node


kafka service is installed on data nodes 1-3 and we would like to know:

How can we configure Kafka port per hostname and not per service?
we would like to have following outcome for example:
datanode1 - remain with kafka default port 9092
datanode2 - will be configured with new port #
datanode3 - will be configured with new port #






Super Guru

That's an odd thing to do 🙂 If you need to use another port for some reason, it would be better to change the ports on all hosts consistently, using the "TCP Port" or the "TLS/SSL Port" properties in Cloudera Manager, whether are you connecting without TLS or with it, respectively.


It is possible to configure ports on a host-by-host basis, but it makes it harder to maintain and client configuration becomes a little more cumbersome. To change the port for a particular host, go to Kafka > Instances > Click on the broker your want the change the port for > Configuration > Continue Editing Role Instance.


Then enter the following in the "Kafka Broker Advanced Configuration Snippet (Safety Valve) for" property:



The PLAINTEXT value will depend on your cluster config:

  • PLAINTEXT: No Kerberos, No TLS
  • SSL: No Kerberos, Using TLS
  • SASL_PLAINTEXT: Using Kerberos, No TLS
  • SASL_SSL: Using Kerberos, Using TLS

After that restart the Broker instance that was reconfigured.

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