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Configure external authentication with Oracle Access Management


Hello, I was asked if it was possible to configure Cloudera Manager, Navigator and Hue (CDH 6.3.0) to handle external authentication by connecting to Oracle Access Management (OAM), which makes use of the SAML protocol.
By reading the documentation I found this note



SAML authentication has been tested with specific configurations of SiteMinder and Shibboleth. While SAML is a standard, there is a great deal of variability in configuration between different IDP products, so it is possible that other IDP implementations, or other configurations of SiteMinder and Shibboleth, may not interoperate with Cloudera Manager.



 So I was wondering if anyone here has ever worked with Cloduera and OAM, and if is it feasible to implement external authentication.

Thanks in advance


Super Collaborator

Hi @geralt ,


Thanks for reaching out to Cloudera community.


SAML is theoretically a standard so it might work with OAM. However, we have not tested this in house neither we have supported it. This matches your findings from reading the public documentation.


Sorry can not give you more assistance on this one. Good luck!


Li Wang, Technical Solution Manager

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