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Configure viewFS with HDFS fedration on CDP-PCB version 7.1.5




I am trying to configure Viewfs with HDFS Federation.


I tried this with HDP 3 and I am trying to find the procedure it implement on CDP cluster.


May someone please share the procedure to do the same.


The objective it to share the data between tow CDP clusters.






Cloudera Employee

Hello @PrernaU ,


Unfortunately, ViewFS is not yet a supported feature on CDP as federation is not supported yet.


@Tylenol Thanks for sharing the information.


what would be the ideal solution to copy the data between two CDP clusters.

Rising Star

@PrernaU just wanted to check if you got a chance to check our blog post on viewFS here - 


You may also refer the community post citing the configuration steps - 


If you have reviewed the above pages and still getting some issue, let us know. 

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@PrernaU can you provide more details about this - "The objective it to share the data between tow CDP clusters."


Are you trying to copy data between two distinct clusters? Are you looking at some solution like HDFS Replication task? If yes, please have a look at our  Replication Manager tool in CDP for that purpose. 


@PabitraDas The objective is to copy data between two distinct clusters

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