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Configuring JSON TreeReader for accessing HW Schema Registry


Hi all,

i'm using a simple key lookup service to lookup a schema name and save that as an attribute. Later I want to convert JSON to AVRO using HW shema rehgistry but I'm getting the error: Could not retrieve schema with name "ValueSchemaName" from the configured Schema Registry.

JSON Tree reader and AvroRecordSetWriter are using :

Schema Access Strategy: Use 'Schema Name' and are pointed to HW Schema Registry.

Json Tree Reader:


Avro Record Set Writer:


Am I configuring the schema access wrongly?

Also, where can I get the correct URL for configuring the HWSchemaRegistry controller service? Is it the same link that I see in the Schema Registry UI?




Super Guru

Can you share the configuration of your HortonworksSchemaRegistry controller service?


@Matt Burgess there it is. Nothing much to it. This is the same link (minus the api/v1) that I'm using to access the HW Schema UI109813-1562671949682.png

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