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Confirm Host step failing in ubuntu

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I am working with the ambari and I have followed all the steps but at the step where we need to register hosts is getting failed. I am registering hosts with the ssh key and the step is installing the ambari-agent but failing at the time of registering the host with the server. Please can anyone help me.Here is the log of the ambari server.Screenshot from 2020-01-30 15-26-08.png


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Please check the following:

1. What is the ambari server host name used by the agents ?   


# grep 'hostname' /etc/ambari-agent/conf/ambari-agent.ini


Ideally you should see the FQDN of ambari-server host listed in the hostname section of the ambari-agent.ini file.


>>> Above need to be checked carefully because in your attached screenshot we see partial output sayig : - Connecting to https://ip...... 



NOTICE it shows that your ambari-server FQDN is something like  "ip-" ....


But from the screenshot looks like your ambari server FQDN may be ""


So please check if all your cluster nodes are able to resolve each other using their FQDN (Fully Qualified Hostname)  or not?


Hence please check the following from every cluster node:

1. If each host has correct FQDN?


# hostname -f

# python -c "import socket; print('FQDN = ' + socket.getfqdn()); print('Hostname = ' + socket.gethostname()); print('IPAddress = ' + socket.gethostbyname(socket.getfqdn()))"



2. If every host can connect to ambari-server using ambari servers  FQDN on ambari ports like:


# nc -v  8440
# nc -v  8441