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Connecting AWS ECS container with Stanford NLP to NiFi

New Contributor

This question is really a follow up to @Timothy Spann's guide series for the Stanford NLP and its use in NiFi.


I have NiFi up in AWS, and I also have the Stanford Core NLP jar file running in an ECS task. I can't get them connected. My current flow is this:

1) GenerateFlowFile - with custom text: "Testing because I have no idea how this works?" (just under 50B)

2) InvokeHTTP - POST, and url = (ip and port, throws no errors)

3) ???? - I currently have the original and response connected to a LogAttribute, to see what comes out. For response, when I check the list queue, the flowfile has nothing in it, upon viewer inspection, and when I download the file, it just gives me the Apache Tika license agreement. Original just puts that message as an attribute.


How do I call *entity* analysis? I know the NLP is running over in that ECS. I have no idea how to input a correct url call, or what type of processor must come after InvokeHTTP.

If I am asking the wrong question/a dumb question, please let me know. Thanks


Super Guru

You can run my Stanford Corenlp Processor

If you are calling the server you will have to open those ports (check Amazon open ports):

test from the command line first with curl

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