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Container Allocation | Container Size in Hadoop Cluster, Read the scenario below


As we know Default Minimum Container Size is 1024MBs

Consider this Scenario :

I have setup a Hadoop Cluster <1-Master & 3-Datanodes> in VIRTUAL BOX.

Namenode : master (3GB RAM)

Datanodes : data1 (512MB RAM),

data2(512MB RAM),

data3(1GB RAM).

Input File Size : 500MB with Replication factor 3 (All the nodes having all the blocks)


1. Now lets say i want to run a Mapreduce Program, Will containers get allocated on data1, data2 ????

According to my results Job created containers on all three datanodes.

2. Is there any way we can specify a Job to run on specific node???????


Super Collaborator


I think you have not understood the Scenario here,
I want to allocate Container of MR job on particular Datanode.
Can we do that by modifying some parameters.

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