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Convert Avro to Parquet in Nifi



I wanted to convert my json data to parquet form.

I have used GenerateFlowFile and put dummy json value [{"firstname":"prathik","age":21},{"firstname":"arun","age":22}].

I have already converted json to Avro using ConvertRecord processor, i have then used ConvertAvroToParquet processor. 

I got the following output (When viewed as original):

PAR1&&,6(prathikarunprathikarun,(<H nifi.person % firstname%%age,& % firstnamenn&<6(prathikarun&v%agejj&v<(Ø,parquet.avro.schema€{"type":"record","name":"person","namespace":"nifi","fields":[{"name":"firstname","type":"string"},{"name":"age","type":"int"}]}writer.model.nameavroJparquet-mr version 1.10.0 (build 031a6654009e3b82020012a18434c582bd74c73a),ÃPAR1


Where  is a red dot.

I tried viewing the output in "formatted" form but i get this message : Unable to generate view of data: Not a data file


Thanks in advance