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Convert date to ISO format

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I am currently using nifi to transfer my data from RDS to DocDB. Now to put data into DocDB i am not using PutMongo, but using Python code. Now there are certain date fields from RDS which are in int format that must be stored in MongoDB in ISO date format. I tried converting it to date in my JSON Schema, but that stored date fields as YYYY-MM-DD as a string i.e even though those fields were in correct format, the corresponding data type was string and not date. Now ideally i can directly typecast my datatype to date in my Python code that pushes values to docDB, but please note that i need a solution for it in NiFi. Essentially, my flow has EXecuteMYSQLRecord(where i tried my JsonSchema as date), followed by JOLT to transform data into required hierarchy to be stored in docDB, followed by python code to insert into DocDB. Kindly help with a solution for converting date to ISO format in NiFi.


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@Nidutt you should be able to use NifI expression language in the flow to change date int to ISO timestamps. 


Here is a template you can use that shows many examples of timestamp formatting:


I think you may find that nifi attributes remain strings in your flow without a strict date type, after all an ISO timestamp is really a string, your end point database just knows it is a "timestamp"....  



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