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Could not create HiveServer2 connection

New Contributor

Hi All


We currently have an issue with the Hive Service. In our Cloudera cluster we have a Master Node with the Hive Service and in an Edge Node there is the Dataiku application. In this Dataiku application, they run Hive recipes but lately I got the following error:
“Could not get Hiverserver2 connection from the pool, caused by: CodeException: in running compute_temp_list: Could not create HiveServer2 connection, caused by: SQLException: Could not open client transport with JDBC Uri: jdbc: hive: // masterhive93171: 10000 / reference ; principal = hive / masterhive93171@DOMAIN.LOC; user=Dataiku@DOMAIN.LOC: Connection reset, caused by: TTransportException: Connection reset ”
Increase the value in the Hive Service setting for “Java Heap Size of Hive Metastore Server in Bytes” to 16 GB, as well as “Java Heap Size of HiveServer2 in Bytes” also to 16 GB, but the fault persists.

CDH version 5.14.4
Hive Version: 1.1.0
Resources Master node: 110 GB RAM - 16 V-core


Thanks a lot,




Expert Contributor

Hello @Charles25 


I would like to see the HS2 logs when the connection is being initiated. Need to understand why is the HS2 rejecting connections if the connection from client is hitting HS2.