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Could not decrypt sensitive value - NiFi



When i try to restart the cluster after installing a workflow, I end up getting ERROR org.apache.nifi.controller.StandardFlowService: Failed to load flow from cluster due to: org.apache.nifi.cluster.ConnectionException: Failed to connect node to cluster due to: org.apache.nifi.encrypt.EncryptionException: org.apache.nifi.encrypt.EncryptionException: Could not decrypt sensitive value (nifi-app.log). Not sure what would be the cause for this error. 



@bsivalingam83  This error generally occurs when you copied the flow.xml.gz from another NiFi cluster and tries to load it in new NiFi setup. This happens because the "nifi.sensitive.props.key" from first NiFi setup is different from "nifi.sensitive.props.key" value from second NiFi setup.


If flow.xml.gz is not copied and CFM is 1.0.x version then you may need to check to resolve the issue

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