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Create a template's directory instead flow.gz.xml



I inquired about the directory of templates nifi before asking the question. And I saw that all templates are stored in flow.xml.gz. My question is can I opt for a directory that stores the templates instead of this file. Is it more correct and will not cause problems.

Thank you


@Amira khalifa

What is your need for a directory of templates? Is it for backup? Or something like a flow repository? If yes, I would recommend using NiFi registry.

NiFi registry is "sort of" a GitHub for NiFi and can maintain multiple versions of a flow in "buckets". With NiFi registry you can "checkin" your flows into a central repository and if that repo, your NiFi registry, is connected to some other higher environment, you can import your flow there. And all that without the need to create a template.

Let know if this helps!


Thank you @Rahul Soni. I did not know this solution. I check and I'll let you know.

@Amira khalifa

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Hello @Rahul Soni,

I set up a nifi registry but I could not connect it with my version nifi 1.4. The GUI does not offer me registry clients. Do you have a solution to unlock this problem ?
Thank you

@Amira khalifa

NiFI registry support has been added to NiFi 1.5 and higher versions.

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