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Create light weight jar from intellij


Create light weight jar from intellij


How to create jar without dependencies in intellij. I mean only jar with our main class instead of jar with all the dependencies are added to the main class jar. This way I am looking for light weight jar


Re: Create light weight jar from intellij

@Mahendiran Palani Samy AFAIK by default intellij jars are built without the external jars (what you call light weight jar). To create a fat jar you need to add configuration, for example in maven: jar-with-dependencies - with sbt you need a plugin called sbt-assembly.


Re: Create light weight jar from intellij


I could create the light weight jar following the below steps.

(i) Project Structure -> artifacts -> click the "+" symbol

(ii) Now go to JAR -> Empty -> <give name of the jar in "Name">

(iii) Now press "Apply" button

(iv) Now you can see the jar file created with the given name. On top of that we can see a "+" symbol

(v) Now select "Module output" and then select your project

(vi) Create Manifest if it is not available.

This way I created jar file with less than 125 KB. If I add all the dependencies it is coming around 300 MB.

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