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Creating keytabs problem.

New Contributor

Have a strange problem. I try add host_components (KERBEROS_CLIENT, DATANODE) via AMBARI rest api. Components add, but i get request status ABORTED because not keytabs was created.I dont see any errors in logs. On server side dont start first step  "Preparing operations" with "Processing Kerberos identities and configurations". And it still waiting for something for a long time (here must be creating some files with info for keytab creating).
I can regenerate Kerberos keytabs and it will work but aim add components via rest api without regenerating. bad status "aborted" break all.


Expert Contributor

Hi @KingMax , From the description I can understand that when you are adding host_components (KERBEROS_CLIENT, DATANODE) via AMBARI rest api it is ABORTING and not creating any keytabs and later you have to manually regenerate it. Please correct me if I am wrong. 

If you are not seeing any error in the logs , please check the browser network tab to see what is happening with the API and the operation.