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Recently, I have been reading a lot about cyber attacks on big companies like the recent cases of Equifax and Uber (though, of course, there have been many, many more big companies to have been hacked). Hence why I was curious to ask what causes these kinds of major hacking incidents and how can we as programmers prevent these incidents from happening? For those who have experience in cases like these or work in cyber security — what precautions are taken when dealing with sensitive data and what is the most common procedure that a programmer who deals with sensitive data seems to overlook?



New Contributor

Hello leviya,

Cybersecurity protects individuals and organizations from cyberattacks. Here are some solutions, including both technical and human components:

Real-time Intelligence:Real-time intelligence is a powerful tool for preventing and containing cyber attacks. The longer it takes to identify a hack, the more costly its consequences. With just 60 seconds’ notification of a compromise, resulting costs could be reduced by 40%.

Complementary Actions:

  • Enacting a multi-layered defense strategy. Ensure that it coversyour entire enterprise, all endpoints, mobile devices, applications, and data.
  • Third-party assessments. Implement a “least privilege” policy regarding who and what others can access. Make it a habit to review the use of credentials with third parties. You could even take it a step further with a service level agreement (SLA).
  • Continuously backing-up data. This can help to safeguard against ransomware, which freezes computer files until the victim meets the monetary demands.
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