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Data gets vanished in HDFS after Move fail in Hive

Data gets vanished in HDFS after Move fail in Hive


I have HiveServer2 , using beeline . Configured Shared Hive metastore for  hive / impala . 

I was just noticing this strange behaviour when building a fresh enviroment.  I missed permission for hive / impala on the hdfs directory level , we are not using sentry at this point. Used sqoop  import to move the Table data to hdfs.

When tried to Load Statement in Hive after creating Table . it fail and it complained about permission 

FAILED: Execution Error, return code 1 from org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.MoveTask

 I am able to fix the issue . but the real problem is the data in the hdfs was vanished . when i perfomed hadoop fs -ls there was not files just the table directory sitting . Shouldnt there be a rollback  statement in the transcation when it tried to move the file and when failed . 

Could anyone please clarify this . Also is there anyway we could recover the data 


Re: Data gets vanished in HDFS after Move fail in Hive




Couple of things that I need to look into further:


- what was the FULL query you ran in Hive?

- what was the FULL ERROR message reported in beeline?

- what was the FULL ERROR message in HS2 log?


I would like to see at what stage the error happened.



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