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Data offload from SAP HANA to Hadoop


The requirement is to offload the data from SAP HANA to Hadoop on daily basis.

There is two level of firewall between my Hadoop cluster ( 1300 + nodes) and remote SAP HANA database. I am exploring options like Sqoop/SPARK/Apache NiFi.Can anyone suggest the best and reliable option?

I believe all DataNodes in the cluster should have access to SAP HANA to fetch the data through Sqoop... so it looks like the firewall needs to open across all DataNodes to SAP HANA. Is there any best way to fetch the data without giving access to all DataNodes? like routing the SAP HANA DB connection to only a few DataNodes... Node Labelling....


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Hi @Ranjana Soundararajan,

How did you handle this. Where you able to use sqoop? or another technique? What's your experience on this?


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