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Data process NIFI / KAFKA


I need recive csv file, process(compare any data with hive tables), put in quere priority and send csv again.


Whats best pratice for this "problem"?



@Danilo Sousa using NiFi there are many different ways to get/fetch/send or receive a csv file. Using that data from that csv to query Hive is also possible, and sending the csv back into the same data flow is possible as well. These are all pretty basic concepts for a NiFi Data Flow. To start I would recommend inspecting the processors by dragging one into the working area, and typing keyword "get", "fetch", or "csv" and then inspecting the results to find best match to what you need to do. The same goes for "hive" or any "operation" you want to complete. The processor search box and descriptions are very detailed. Once you have a processor that works for your Use Case Scenario, double click it to have it added to the working area. Now right click that processor and inspect its Properties tab for details on how it is configured.

If you search the HCC deeper for "Nifi csv hive" you can find loads of specific examples:

Here is one such example where @Matt Burgess goes into detail with the processors you need:

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