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Default value of Age Of duration in nifi

Default value of Age Of duration in nifi

Hey Guys,

I have a detect duplicate processor in my nifi flow. Currently i have left the age of duration blank. So is there a default age of duration value if no value is entered ?. @Shu @Matt Burgess




Re: Default value of Age Of duration in nifi

Expert Contributor

@Krishna Sreenivas

there is no default value. Empty value (null) means - that first-time records (which aren't detected as dups yet) will stay in a cache forever (if you have cache service with persistence directory defined, otherwise - till restart).

If you define, for example, 1 min, that means, that during 1 min, all dups will be detected, but after that time, another record won't be detected as a dup, as it will be aged off (and removed) from cache.

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