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Delete schema from Schema Registry

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Re: Delete schema from Schema Registry

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Has any progress been made in developing a GUI to manage the Schema Registry ??? It appears many of us need the ability to Delete, Rename and otherwise manage the Schema's in the Schema Registry, I realize the brute force using SQL is a possibility but it is too error prone and clumsy which us unacceptable for a production environment. We really need a GUI that is fully supported to manage the Schema Registry entries so we can correct errors and Delete unwanted Schema's. It appears this question has not been updated in a long while so I wanted to see what is being done to resolve the issue. This doesn't sound like a heavy life for the technical team to add a little functionality to the existing Schema Registry GUI. Lets hear from the Hortonworks/Cloudera experts what the status is and when we might see a production ready solution.

Re: Delete schema from Schema Registry

New Contributor

Due the GUI still doesn't include the delete option, the workaround I'm using is to execute this curl comand:

CURL -X DELETE http://localhost:9090/api/v1/schemaregistry/schemas/<name>


Using the last version at this moment, hortonworks-registry-0.8.0-rc3, which includes a fix for ISSUE-574 that avoids error re-creating a previously deleted schema with the same name, works fine.


Hope it helps.



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