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Deleted by mistake flows and bucket in nifi registry

New Contributor

Hi I deleted by mistake bucket and flows in nifi registry Nifi registry was connected to git hub. In nifi registry this bucket is not present anymore, also Process Group in nifi has lost connection to nifi registry bucket. But in git hub there is info :

Deleted flow Ingestion_service.snapshot:b2d93386-7038-4c70-be0e-4aa8f…
…ddd9328 in bucket DEV_ingestion_service_bucket:0cb9effb-3c16-47c1-83ad-982f5217e8c9.

New Contributor

Is it possible that I can restore it somehow? I deleted and restarted nifi registry but no change.I use nifi 1.9.2 and nifi registry 0.5. Can You help me?

Super Mentor



You can stop version control on your Process Group in NiFi and then start version control again to recreate the flow in nifi-registry.

NiFi and NiFi-registry do not offer an undo action when you inadvertently delete an item.

Hope this helps,