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Delta table connection via JDBS (Spark Thrift Server) is unable to read meta data

Master Collaborator

Hello experts,

I am using Apache nifi to connect to Delta table and read and write data.

Nifi connected to Delta table via Spark Thrift server jdbc.

(I use one custom processor and ConvertJsonToSql processor)


Now the issue is -

when I create a table with below create script -

create table schemagetnifi.getexternal_nifi1 (userId integer, id integer, title String, completed boolean);

it works fine.

But if I use below table create statement

create table schemagetnifi.getexternal (userId integer, id integer, title String, completed boolean) using delta;

Nifi (java) is throwing error (looks like its unable read meta data)



Only difference in 2 different tables creation script is "USING DELTA", with that I am facing error.

Any suggestion or help would be much appreciated