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Diagnostic bundle location on server.


Diagnostic bundle location on server.


Following this page:


The diagnostic bundle is offered as a download right after it's collected.  However, I want to use the python script to send it up.  For that I need to know where the generated bundle file is on the server.


I tried to look in /tmp of the Cloudera Manager Service but there was nothing there.


Where is the bundle located on a Cloudera server?





Re: Diagnostic bundle location on server.


Hi Tom,


Once you've completed the collection of diagnostic data, there should be an option to Download Result Data at the top of the Command window. You can then select where you want to save the ZIP file.


The button will look something like this: 

 Screenshot 2017-08-15 15.05.15.png




Re: Diagnostic bundle location on server.

New Contributor

We are facing issue in downloading from that button due to some network issue.

Could you please suggest where this bundle get stored on server itself? 


Re: Diagnostic bundle location on server.

Super Guru



If Diagnostic Data Bundle Directory has not been configured in Cloudera Manager (Administration --> Settings --> Support) then the bundle file will be stored in your Java temp directory which defaults to /tmp.


Check /tmp for a file that contains the string scm-command-result.


For example, on my Cloudera Manager host, I see:





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