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Differences between ambari settings and hwx documentation when configuring nfs for a kerberized cluster

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Hello team.

I've founded we have some items already set within hdfs-site.xml with different names that the ones indicated on hwx documents. Therefore:

1.- I would like to know the difference between each item.

2.- To know if it will be better to add them within the hdfs-site.xml along the existing settings already there?. I meant duplicate the values but with different names setings.

3.- To remove current setting and set the new ones (the ones indicated on the document).

For question 3 I would say this will depend on my organization requierements but I would like to read your ideas.

Current = nfs.kerberos.principal

Reccommended = dfs.nfsgateway.kerberos.principal

Current = nfs.keytab.file

Recommended = dfs.nfsgateway.keytab.file




Facing the same issue, would love to hear the answer!

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We left the settings just as stated and cluster keeps working fine.


@Jorge Luis Hernandez Olmos I did some digging and found out that since hadoop 2.5 nfs params are not prefixed with dfs.

hadoop 2.4

hadoop 2.5

as for the nfs vs nfsgateway, I found this bug - to me it seems horton copied that documentation and never fixed it