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Differnce Between Cloudera Navigator and Apache Atlas




In our organization we are up soon going to upgrade from CDH 5.16 to CDP and there a will lot of changes we will encounter as many services in cloudera will replaced.

One of the services will be Cloudera Navigator which will be replaced with Atlas.

So I would like to understand the key differences, functionality and why to to choose Atlas instead of Cloudera navigator.

And how complex it is in usage when compared to Atlas.

I would greatly appreciate  any help and insight on this topic.







Rising Star

Hi Abdul,


That's a very good question.

To answer it, you need to broaden the horizon a bit from just Navigator and Atlas, and consider Atlas, Ranger, Sentry and Navigator.

In short, all functionalities you have in CDH (using Navigator, Sentry) will be available to you in CDP (using Atlas and Ranger). 

Here is a high level mapping of the different tools in our different platforms:


FunctionNavigator (CDH)Sentry (CDH)Atlas (CDP)Ranger (CDP)
Data LineageX X 
AuditsX  X
ABAC Not Supported X


Of course, Atlas gives you a lot of extra functionalities not available to you before such as a more scalable back-end, open apis for integration, large apache community support.


I recommend exploring our product pages to get a better understanding:

Cloudera Employee

Check out our series of SDX videos on our youtube channel for some examples of Atlas + Ranger in action as part of the CDP Shared Data Experience (SDX):