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Disable Hive CLI

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According to the Sentry documentation " When Sentry is enabled, you must use Beeline to execute Hive queries. Hive CLI is not supported with Sentry and must be disabled". Is there any offcial way to disable Hive CLI.


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Locking down hive CLI can be done with setting hadoop.proxyuser.hive.groups to a value which restricts hive access to specific groups only - and not to everyone ( * - asterisk for everyone).



 Miklos Szurap

Customer Operations Engineer

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I am using Sentry, so when i enable `hive.server2.enable.impersonation` it's showing "Hive Impersonation is enabled for Hive Server2 role 'HiveServer2 '. Hive Impersonation should be disabled to enable Hive authorization using Sentry"

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That's correct, Hive Impersonation should be disabled in Hive when using Sentry. Could you achieve the desired results that way?

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