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Disable 'hadoop namenode -format' command

Is there any way to disable 'hadoop namenode -format' command ?


Super Collaborator

You could write an alias/wrapper around the hadoop (and hdfs) cli commands that would block this.

For example, spark-submit in HDP is not the real "spark-submit", it can detect if you have exported SPARK_MAJOR_VERSION to the values of 1 or 2, then it forwards to the real spark bin folder

Essentially, put this script somewhere, then you make sure it's first in the $PATH for all users

#!/usr/bin/env bash
if [[ "${@:1:2}" = "namenode -format" ]]; then
   echo "ERROR: Namenode Formatting disabled"
   exit 1
exec hadoop "$@"

Sample usage

$ ./hadoop namenode -format
ERROR: Namenode Formatting disabled