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Disable/remove auto TLS certificates and create self signed certificate


How to disable/remove auto TLS certificates and create self-signed certificate in Cloudera version 6.2. The Cloudera version I am using is 6.2 having self-signed certificates that expired a few days back. now the Cloudera manager is not restarting. I want to remove the existing ones and create a new self-signed certificate and apply it to the cluster. can anyone help?


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@vaibhavm You need two steps process. 


1. Disable TLS for CM so that you can access Web UI, for this follow below instruction. 

Disable TLS for the CM:

1. Determine Cloudera Manager Database

cat /etc/cloudera-scm-server/

2. Make database backup

3. get inside the DB. 
#mysql --user=cm --password=cm
#mysql> show databases;
#mysql> use cm;

4. Show TLS related rows
select * from CONFIGS where attr like '%tls%';

5. Update TLS for web_tls
update CONFIGS set value = 'false' where attr = 'web_tls';

6. Update TLS for agent_tls
update CONFIGS set value = 'false' where attr = 'agent_tls';

7. Show TLS related rows
select * from CONFIGS where attr like '%tls%';

8. Restart Cloudera Manager server process
service cloudera-scm-server restart

2. At this stage you will be able to successfully login into CM Web UI. Now you can disable Auto-TLS (If already enabled) using below method. 

--remove the line in /etc/default/cloudera-scm-server that loads cm_init.txt on startup
--then you can turn off TLS in the web UI and remove the TLS configs from the agent config.ini

 3. Then you can follow the doc which @Mike in Austin refereed in his comment to enable TLS again from fresh. 

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Remove all TLS related config in CM UI. CM > Settings search for TLS and uncheck everything and delete jks files and password configs

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I thought it was something like this, but it was hard to believe!

After 2 full installation of CDP base, it seems clear that CDP may have been a big step for the final user, but still has a lot of room for improvement in the sysadmin and devops side of the platform, specially in the way-back or recovery of many central configuration changes (kerberos, TLS) where it really sucks, even when compared with the now ancient HDP3. 

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This is still a problem in CDP 7.1.8 where there is no possibility of turning off the "Auto-TLS is Enabled" satus in Admin --> Security. Has anyone found the solution? I've now combed through UI settings, db and local files for anything to do with TLS and removed most if it.


I know its turned off but as long as CDP thinks that Auto-TLS is ON I can't run the Auto-TLS setup Wizzard.