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Do I have to use the 'enrichment' table in HBase


Do I have to use the 'enrichment' table in HBase

New Contributor

I am trying to set up an enrichment based on the "user" field in my source data; I want to enrich events with data from Active Directory.

I have exported the data to CSV and loaded it successfully (it seems) into HBase using the script, BUT...

  1. I loaded the data into a new HBase table that I created: metron_users
  2. I did not specify an Enrichment Config JSON -- the idea was to stitch this in later by editing the JSON config for my sensor(s) in the Metron UI since I don't know which sensors might need this same enrichment.

All the examples I have seen appear to load the data into the enrichment table in HBase. Does it matter that I have created a new table / do I need to do anything in particular to pull enrichment data from my new table / should I have just used the enrichment table?


Re: Do I have to use the 'enrichment' table in HBase

New Contributor

After a bare minimum of testing it seems the answer is: Yes, I do need to use the enrichment table in HBase. However this is by no means an authorative answer.

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