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Do we have to install httpd on server for Ambari-server? Or It is just for cluster local repo?

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If you install hdp packages in offline-mode, then you have to install httpd to setup hdp repo local & remotely.

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@Erkan ŞİRİN

"httpd" can be installed on any host on your Network. The only thing we should make sure that

1. All the HDP cluster Ndoes and Ambari Server host can access it without any issue.

2. On the "httpd" you can deploy ambari.repo artifacts as well as HDP/HDP-UTIL or other artifacts.

3. It is not mandatory to install httpd on amabri server host.

Firther installation instructions for offline repo can be found at:


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HTTPD is only needed if you want to host your own private repo server.

All Ambari and HDP components that provide web access provide their own web capabilities built-in to their executables.

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Thank you guys, I'm sure now that Ambari server doesn't require httpd and httpd is just for the local repository.