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Do we support hdfs fuse?

Cloudera Employee

Do we support Fuse?

One of customer is asking about this and saying other vendor support Fuse. They are already aware of NFS.

If customer set this up on his own, are there any gotchas?


Please see this "search fuse"

I believe that we do.

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Please see this "search fuse"

I believe that we do.


@nasghar has this been resolved? Can you post your solution or accept best answer?

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Hi -- The "this" URL in the reply above is a b0rken link, but I'd like to know where it would have gone... 😉


Any update about HDFS fuse and HDP 2.5? It is possible?

New Contributor

So, does Hortonworks Hadoop support FUSE-DFS? A simple yes or no would be enough. Actual details would be better.


When the vendor says "I believe that we do" does it instill confidence? Not for me it doesn't.


The HDP 2.5/2.6 repos include the required tools to implement HDFS-FUSE.

But it should be noted, that as of today, this only runs in "user space", and as such, does not perform as well as something like the NFS gateway option. Also, there is currently no option for an Ambari plugin to manage the service.

I wrote a recent article that goes over this on HDP (current release) that walks through this.

Using HDFS-FUSE for POSIX directory mounts