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Does Hue support Kerberos authentication?


Does Hue support Kerberos authentication?




I have a working kerberos+Sentry enabled hadoop cluster. Few users are added in the KDC DB. I want those user to authenticate and access the respective hive/impala tables via Hue browser. (I do not have LDAP). Tried couple of things like setting authentication backend to desktop.auth.backend.SpnegoDjangoBackend. Nothing works.

Can some one pls help?


Re: Does Hue support Kerberos authentication?

Cloudera Employee
Hi @bvk,

For Hue to work properly with a Cloudera cluster that uses Kerberos for authentication, the Kerberos Ticket Renewer must be added to the Hue service. Use the Cloudera Manager Admin Console to add the Kerberos Ticket Renewer role to each host with a Hue Server role instance.

Kindly refer the document[1] to get the detailed steps for enabling Hue to use Kerberos for authentication.

Tarun Jangid

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