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Does Ranger Plugin Work with GCS as storage

Hi All,

Please Advice;

I have installed HDP 2.6.5 in GCP and have used the gcs connector to point my HDFS to GCS.

With my current onprem setup ranger controls access to HDFS and Hive via policies.

In the cloud do we have a ranger plugin that can talk to GCS instead of HDFS and control access on it.

Similarly my Hive Metastore is placed outside the HDP cluster do we have a ranger plugin to talk to cloudsql.




Hello @sudi ts,

In order to support Ranger authorization, the host service (like NameNode, HiveServer2 and in your case GCS) need to implement Ranger APIs (in the form of a Ranger plugin). I don't see support for Ranger in Google Cloud Storage documentation. Therefore, the answer is No.

Similarly for CloudSQL, I could not find Ranger support in CloudSQL documentation. Although they do talk about Project level access control and instance/database level access control, but not quite via Ranger.

Hope this helps!

Hi Vipin,

Thanks for the feedback. Can we build a custom plugin for GCS.

Ranger did have a plugin a WASB in azure in the future do we have one for GCS as well?