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Does quickstart Docker image 5.12 work ?

Does quickstart Docker image 5.12 work ?




We want to run the Cloudera quick start docker image but we are facing serious issues.

First, we tried to pull it from docker hub but found that the official Cloudera quickstart image is CDH 5.6 and was last pushed about two years ago. We need CDH 5.12 so this is too old for us.


Then we tried to download it from Cloudera web site. It was a 4.7GB tar.gz file, but docker could'nt run it. We looked into the file and found that the files and directory layout wasn't what we expected.


We expected to see layers and json files but we found a tar'ed linux machine.


Did anyone succeeded running the latest quickstart docker container ? Is the quickstart image maintained ? Does it work ?


Thank yiu




Re: Does quickstart Docker image 5.12 work ?

New Contributor

I encountered the same issues.  What I found was:


  1. The docker hub cloudera/quickstart:latest image is for CDH 5.7
  2. The tar file supplied by Cloudera for the latest docker image is actually an exported image obtained by using the docker export command
  3. You can download the tar file and use the docker import command to create the image.
  4. Attempting to create a container from the above images errors out with a missing file error.
  5. The file exists but the docker export that created the tar file in item # 2 above does not work for some reason with the file system for 5.12 used to create the export. Other blog posts I have read indicate that CDH docker images do not work for versions 5.10 and above.
  6. The documentation is totally wrong for the docker image for 5.12.0

Don't know why Cloudera doesn't seem to give a crap about the docker images for anything above CDH 5.7, but it is inexcusable that the documentation is completely wrong and Cloudera doesn't seem to care about it.