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Donwload of HDP 3.1.5 repo files fails auth

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How can I download the repo files for Ambari 2.7.5 and HDP3.1.5


The download link includes a username and a password, although it is not working for my username (tried community username and my e-mail) and authentication fails.


Please help on how to download the repository files to install the new HDP 3.1.5, as it was announced on the post: 


I'm very interested on the new features mentioned on the paragraph "With this release HDP is supporting single catalog for Hive/Spark and Hive table-level replication. To keep up with the increased customer interest, we delivered HBase 2.1.6 and GCS Connector 1.9.17 as well."


Thank you.


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the same question for me.

is HDP become not free?

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I have the same question... Is HDP still open? If not which alternatives of open VDF does we have in order to install Ambari?

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The new product repositories are accessible only with a valid credentials. So if you are getting "Authentication Error" which indicates some issue with your credentials (OR) you need correct credentials to access it.

1. So better to file a non-technical case within the support portal ( to obtain credentials (OR) to get a clarity on what is wrong with the credentials.

2. If you are facing any difficulty in opening case then it will be good if you can mail your concerns to "". Somebody from our customer relations team should be able to help you with your issues.





Cloudera product binaries are kept behind "Paywall" portal now so you need to have a valid credentials as mentioned by @jsensharma .


Kindly check with your account team and get the valid credentials, you can download the ambari 2.7.5 and HDP 3.1.5 without any hassle.


Happy hadooping!




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if this is open source, why a none customer of Cloudrea can't download it.