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Doubt about Kerberos and Hortons

Doubt about Kerberos and Hortons


Hey, folks,

I have a question about Kerberos, I have been asked to configure 2 environments of development of hortons with Kerberos, but I have a question if it is possible or I will need in each environment a domain controller, currently I only have a Windows 2019 with Active Directory.




Re: Doubt about Kerberos and Hortons



Depending on your number of users, you can see from below what setup is best for you. Normally for DEV and UAT you go for a virtualized environment that takes you to option 2. Your starting point is the Standard edition with 2 VM's install a Hypervisor then installs both  DC's to have the best practice & standard install!


  • Windows Server 2019 Essentials is made for Small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices 
  • Windows Server 2019 Standard is made for physical or minimally virtualized environments 
  • Windows Server 2019 Datacenter is made for Highly virtualized data centers and cloud environments 

Now back to your question to the best of my knowledge you cannot install multiple domains on the same server,you can’t share a DC (or same machine) for multiple domains. If you don’t have a physical server, you can have virtual machines you could have a look at multi-site AD setup   with this procedure you create the first Active Directory site and add additional Active Directory sites for the multisite deployment.
So my 2 cents advice virtualize the DEV AD it's more cost-effective and easily managed BDR with snapshots a good playground




Re: Doubt about Kerberos and Hortons


Hey, @Shelton


I tell you, I have a DC that has a domain for example dev.horton.local If I have an Environment dev there is no problem my servers use the KDC, AD without problem. my question arises if now additional to the environment dev I want a test, I could use the DC dev.horton.local to create the new environment and use the same KDC, AD with the difference of using a zone DNS test.horton.local.


That's my doubt, thank you for your support.