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Druid 0.10.1 on Ambari

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I've been running an Ambari built Hadoop-cluster for a little over a month now.

I'm supporting a number of devs that want to build several Apex based streaming apps that deliver data into Druid for some quick OLAP analysis. I started them with the technical preview which is version 0.9.2, however we've run into a few bugs.

I managed to "slide" an upgrade in by replacing a bunch of jar files and the issues we were seeing are gone (only have 2/5 middeManagers that don't want to run).

My questions are these:

1. Is there a way to "build" my own Ambari installer for Druid or anything else I'd like to add into Ambari?

2. Will Druid in Ambari be upgraded to 0.10.1 sometime soon?

Thanks for any help.


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current distribution HDP 2.6.3 and Ambari 2.6 has druid 0.10.1 plus tons of patches.

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Hi @Philip Walenta

You can definitely create you own installable services through Ambari's service definition, they are extensible. One word of caution though is that third party services/software can sometimes affect Ambari-based upgrades. If you choose to use them, be sure to thoroughly test your upgrades in a non-prod environment first as always. You can find several examples of Ambari services at the HCC repo here: and also the Ambari doc's service definition:

I don't have a timeline on when Druid may be upgraded unfortunately.

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current distribution HDP 2.6.3 and Ambari 2.6 has druid 0.10.1 plus tons of patches.

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Concerning the DIY I cannot provide an exact answer but it is more a case by case I guess. From Druid perspective generally speaking Druid only uses Ambari to manage configs, therefore, it is doable to drop in some jars or update the HDP package only but this needs some level of testing to make sure nothing is breaking between versions.

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@slim I had no idea a new HDP/Ambari install was out. That would have saved me a fair bit of time. I'm working on the upgrade now.


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Ok, I performed my upgrade and Druid was installed successfully.

Two notes: Superset is now it's own install (documentation does not appear updated for this), and in the service list it still says druid 0.9.2, however in the installed versions list it shows a proper 0.10.1

Otherwise I'm in business. Thanks for the help.

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