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Druid could not be started from Ambari


Hello all,

We have Ambari and Druid 0.10.1 in HDP 2.6.3.

When we try start from Ambari only superset starts. Rest of the services won't start. Log says,

"INFO: An exception was caught and reported. Message: No FileSystem for scheme: wasb java.lang.RuntimeException: No FileSystem for scheme: wasb"

But if we start from the command line manually it starts. Is this the problem with Ambari ? Should we upgrade Ambari ?

Any help on this would be very much appreciated.




Super Mentor

@Cibi Chakaravarthi

Usually , this error indicates that the Azure jars (like hadoop-azure*.jar , azure-storage*.jar ..etc) are not included in the "SPARK_CLASSPATH".

As you mentined that it is happenign only when you are trying to start it via Ambari UI, So can you please check if by any chance you have set any environment variable (global variable) to affect the SPARK_CLASSPATH ?


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