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Druid setup facing an error org.apache.curator.ConnectionState - Authentication failed


logs.ziphi all, i am new in druid i have done ambari setup with druid service setup is completed successfully. running coordinator console and overload console, i have Kafka as input data source i have created job to run the druid job and tested the kafka topic running state but my druid override console not showing in running state jobs. sharing log and screen shot for reference. please guide me where to change in configurations.


@yogesh turkane

Seems like your coordinator process is not registered or some configuration issues, from logs I did observe below error

2018-10-04T06:43:50,101 ERROR [main] io.druid.curator.discovery.ServerDiscoverySelector - No server instance found for [druid/coordinator]
2018-10-04T06:43:50,101 WARN [main] - Failed on try 1, retrying in 886ms. No known server

Check the configurations and restart Druid services.


hi Sindhu, i have not done any configuration changes while installing i have follow all the hortonworks docs to install druid can you tell me on which config need to change.