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E: Malformed entry 1 in list file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ambari-hdp-1.list


Ambari version:

Ubuntu version: 16.04

When I used Ambari to deploy Hadoop cluster, Ambari created 2 file in apt source.list.d (ambari-hdp-1.list and hdp.list). So they could not run.


Super Mentor

@luan ha

1. How did you register the Repo URL on your ambari? Can you please share the registered repo version page from ambari UI?

2. Can you please share the file content:

# cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ambari-hdp-1.list

3. Where exactly do you see this error?

E: Malformed entry 1 in list file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ambari-hdp-1.list

4. Are you using Local repo by any chance ( instead of public repos) ?



Thank you for your help!!!


1. I'm using local repo.

2. This is my file content:

deb HDP main 
deb HDP-UTILS main

3. I met loss when I was using Ambari UI to deploy HDP stack (step: Install, Start, Test).


This was earlier reported as a bug

The way out is to "Use the Ambari Admin to set the HDP and HDP UTIL" - Check my earlier message.


Bingo. I solved my problems. Thank you very much. May I change to use old versions of Ambari ?

Keep using the newer version . Hope this issue will get solved in the coming upgrades



Use the Ambari Admin to set the HDP and HDP UTIL Path by

1) Navigating to Admin

2) Browse to Versions.

3) Set your HDP and HDP UTIL Path and save

This will over-ride ambari-hdp-1

Proceed with the setup

Note: You can duplicate Tab - set the version and save as well. This will ensure that you do not have to re-enter all configuration/settings etc

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