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ERROR [HYT00] [Microsoft] [Hardy] Query execution timeout expired. Hive ODBC connection

New Contributor

Using Microsoft Hive ODBC Driver hive to connect with Hive on linux machine which have hadoop setup. Select query with large data give this error ERROR [HYT00] [Microsoft] [Hardy] Query execution timeout expired.

Image of exact error is in the link. [][1]

Strange thing is sometimes query does not give any error sometime it does with same parameters.

Any kind of help will really be appreciated.

Microsoft Hive ODBC driver 2.1.5 timeout found this relative but there is not answer unfortunately.


Expert Contributor

@Ans Butt

Try using Hortonworks provided Simba ODBC driver which can be dowloaded here.

New Contributor

I am also getting the same error when used via odbc. The query works fine with Hive views and CLI. can someone please advise.

odbc version is 2.1.16