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ERROR while loading CSV to PostgreSQL using PutDatabaseRecord through NiFi


I am trying to load a csv file with headers with exactly same spelling and caps as in the PostgreSQL DB table.





Batch entry 0 INSERT INTO analytics_dev.op_working_time_nifi (T_CODE, V_NO, C_SIZE, M_TYPE, T_IND, F_EMPTY, IV, O_NAME, S_DATE, S_TIME, Q_NAME, C_HR, W_START_TIME, OP_W_MINS, T_MOVES) VALUES ('AB-2','153443','22','VS','NOT T','F','M42','206014500','4/5/2019','Night S','QB03','26','2019-04-05T22:03:36','3.683344363','3') was aborted: ERROR: column "t_code" of relation "working_time_nifi" does not exist Position: 49 Call getNextException to see other errors in the batch.
Schema of the table:
CREATE TABLE analytics_dev.working_time_nifi
"T_CODE" text,
"V_NO" text,
"C_SIZE" bigint,
"M_TYPE" text,
"T_IND" text,
"F_EMPTY" text,
"IV" text,
"O_NAME" text,
"S_DATE" date,
"S_TIME" text,
"Q_NAME" text,
"C_HR" float8,
"W_START_TIME" timestamp,
"OP_W_MINS" float8,
"T_MOVES" bigint
Any help as to why this is happening?


The table name is different in than the one which you are trying to load data.


Please notice carefully that the error in Nifi is complaining about below table, whereas in your create table there is no prefix with the name "op"





Hey that's a mistake in my typing as I had to mask col and table name. That's not an issue. Can you find anything else? It would be a good help in solving this then.

@Raj2cool16 Can you update the original post, or send a reply here, showing the processor configuration and associated reader configurations?     I believe there are some settings in the Processor and the Reader to effect your issue.


PFB the full configuration details of PutDatabaseRecord and CSVReader.


PutDatabaseRecord SS Part 1:

PutDatabaseRecord SS Part 1PutDatabaseRecord SS Part 1


PutDatabaseRecord SS Part 2:

PutDatabaseRecord SS Part 2:PutDatabaseRecord SS Part 2:


CSVReader ss part 1:

CSVReader SS part 1CSVReader SS part 1


CSVReader ss part 2:

CSVReader ss part 2CSVReader ss part 2


CSVReader ss part 3:

CSVReader ss part 3CSVReader ss part 3



Please let me know if anything else is needed, also if I need to tweak on settings or add/remove processors.

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