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Enable Sentry Service for Solr (not Policy File Based)

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I am in the process of enabling Sentry in quickstart. As it is documented here I need to



  1. Go to the Solr service.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Select Scope > Solr (Service-Wide).
  4. Select Category > Main.
  5. Locate the Sentry Service property and select Sentry.



However, under Solr --> Configuration, Category "Service-Wide", there is only "Policy File Based Sentry" section and not "Sentry Service".


Can you please advice?


Thank you


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Hi @gerasimos



What version of Cloudera Manager are you using?  (Support --> About)


Please post a screen shot of what you see when you navigate to the Solr Configuration and search for "sentry" without choosing any other filters.




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Hello Ben,


  1. Version: Cloudera Express 5.7.0 (#76 built by jenkins on 20160401-1334 git: ec0e7e69444280aa311511998bd83e8e6572f61c) - I am using the "latest" (? - it's already 17 months old and I pulled it just 2 weeks ago...) docker image. Anyway, the documentation I pointed is for CDH 5.7.
  2. I have attached 2 snapshots:



Thank you,


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