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Enabling CDA for VMWare



I saw the similar post earlier as well, but it doesn't help me. I am trying to enable CDA in my VMWare HDP sandbox but after trying to run the bash script, I am geting the error as 'No file or directory present'.

cd /sandbox/deploy-scripts/

Also, I tried using the above command (not sure if this was the right way or not) as 'cd /sandbox /deploy-scripts/ ' and got the attached result.

Would appreciate the correct way to proceed further from the bash script.



Expert Contributor

Hi @Tushar Yadav,

I'm assuming you followed instructions from Sandbox Deployment and Install Guide.

Can you re-share your results - I was unable to view. Also, please explain the actual steps taken and results at each step to narrow the issue.


@Tushar Yadav,

Hi, the CDA requires minimum 22 GB memory, but my PCs are just 16 GB mem. How do you get that kind of PC? It is for your personal usage or company? Kind regards,



Hi @figo1984,


Yes, it is a company workstation but maybe you can use a remote/cloud based VM as well with such configs.





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