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Error: Error while compiling statement: FAILED: SemanticException Unable to fetch table table_name. null (state=42000,code=40000)

New Contributor

Unable to perform any operation on that table.
The command that I tried to execute is drop table tbale_name;


Master Mentor

@sundeep dande

Can you be more precise? Are you dropping a Mysql; oracle, hive or hbase table? And please under which user were you executing the command,? Have you checked whether you have the correct privileges on the object(table) ie like drop,delete , update etc?

New Contributor

I am trying to drop a hive table and yes I have all the correct user level privileges on that table. I am getting that error only when I try to drop certain tables.


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New Contributor

Take MySQL backup before doing this operation.

Go to MySQL

use <DB>;
select * from TBLS where tbl_name = '<table_name>';

Make a note of TBL_ID from the table and delete entries from TABLE_PARAMS , TBL_COL_PRIVS , TBL_PRIVS using where clause TBL_ID

After getting this done, try the below command.

delete from TBLS where tbl_name = '<table_name>';

Now open hive shell and check for the table.