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Error Openstack / Cloudbreak "no bootable device"

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I'm trying to launch cloudbreak on my own Openstack-Cloud, but when I want to start my instance (with cloudbreak-deployer Image or pre-warmed Image) and I look to the Console it says:

"no bootable device found"

How can I fix this ?

Thanks in advance !



Please tell us what's the cloudbreak image location you use to import the image and whats the value you set up for CB_LATEST_IMAGE variable.

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I've follwed the Instructions in this Guide to launch Cloudbreak in Openstack:

So I've downloaded these three images to "home" directory on my machine which is running Openstack (packstack --allinone) by these commands:

curl -O
curl -O
curl -O

After this I've downloaded file from the Openstack Dashboard and load it by running the following command:


To import the images I've run these commands:

export CBD_LATEST_IMAGE=266cbdd8-9909-4597-8133-cf3444b8b232.img
export OS_IMAGE_NAME=266cbdd8-9909-4597-8133-cf3444b8b232.img
glance image-create --name "$OS_IMAGE_NAME" --file "$CBD_LATEST_IMAGE" --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --progress

export CB_LATEST_IMAGE=cb-hdp--1801261636.img
export CB_LATEST_IMAGE_NAME=cb-hdp--1801261636.img<br>glance image-create --name "$CB_LATEST_IMAGE_NAME" --file "$CB_LATEST_IMAGE" --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --progress 

export CB_LATEST_IMAGE=cb-hdp-26-1802090220.img
export CB_LATEST_IMAGE_NAME=cb-hdp-26-1802090220.img
glance image-create --name "$CB_LATEST_IMAGE_NAME" --file "$CB_LATEST_IMAGE" --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --progress

When I try to run an Instance with the cloudbreak-deployer image (266cbdd8-9909-4597-8133-cf3444b8b232.img) the instance goes to active status but the console says that "there was no bootable device found"

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@Dominik Kappel

I double-checked and our OS could create instance from the imported image successfully.

Could you please tell more about your OS infra, version?

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I've installed OS on a centOs destribution (Intel NUC i7 / 32GB ram) and used the following Guide:

The OS version is queens-release.

Other images for example ubuntu / centos or cirros cloud images are running without any problems.

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Hi @Dominik Kappel,

OpenStack versions are supported by Cloudbreak. Unfortunately Cloudbreak doesn't support the Queens version. I tested the image by following the docs on one of our supported environments and that worked fine. I would really help you but we don't have an Infra to do that.

If you have a support subscription, feel free to open a ticket and we will happy to assist you in the further investigation.



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