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Error inserting json file content into Hive string column

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I have a Hive table which was created with the following command:



create external table test_temp (url string, database_name string, created_date date, json_file string)
row format delimited fields terminated by ';';



My json file has the following content:



  "uri": "t",
  "database": "v3.1",
  "start_time, ": "2023-06-08T13:36:12.327935",
  "end_time": "2023-06-08T15:29:01.423394",
  "duration": "1:52:49.095459



This is the piece of my Python code that tries to insert the json above into the mentioned Hive table:



import cml.data_v1 as cmldata
import json

conn = cmldata.get_connection("hive-conn")
db_cursor = conn.get_cursor()

with open('json_file.json') as f:
    json_file =
params = ("url_test", "v3.1", "2023-03-05", json_file)
query = "INSERT INTO test_temp (url, database_name, created_date, json_file) VALUES (?,?,?,?)"

db_cursor.execute(query, params)



But I am getting the following error:



KeyError: '\\\\\\"uri\\\\\\"'




  • This script is running in CML (Cloudera Machine Learning).
  • I also tried to convert the json file to have all the content in a single line, but the error is still the same.
  • I also tried to use json.dumps(json_file), but the error is still the same.
  • I also tried to use str(json_file), but the error is still the same.

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Vidya Sargur,
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