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Error "Bad Gateway" in creating an Openstack credential in Cloudbreak

New Contributor

Hey Guys,

I have successfully installed Cloudbreak 2.9.1 on CentOS 7 on our private OpenStack cloud.

However, I am not able to create an OpenStack credential in Cloudbreak. I received unclear error message which simply says "Error: Bad Gateway". Note, we are using using keystone V2, and I am sure all credential details are correct. Could anyone help me how to figure out the problem.



Cloudera Employee

Hi AbdoM,

Seems like your cloudbreak instance can't reach your Openstack. Might be incorrect network settings.
Could try to telnet to your openstack from the machine where Cloudbreak is deployed? 

telnet 5000

Also there might be some clues in the cloudbreak logs, please also check:

docker logs cbreak_cloudbreak_1

docker logs cbreak_cloudbreak_1